Welcome to Edublogs 2017

Welcome to Edublogs. Today we start the process of becoming bloggers, online writers of sorts. For today we are covering comments. The reason you post something online is for other people to engage with it and leave comments, thoughts, and feedback about it. Lets give it a try.

Choose your favorite image below. In the comments section of this post (look for the word COMMENTS) tell which one is your favorite and WHY. This should take about 3-5 complete sentences.

Daring Acrobats


Ice Cliffs

Don’t Let Go!


Remember: Complete sentences. NO EMOJIS or texting language (lol. omg).

Mason's Mustangs 208


  1. I like The Underworld because it really looks like it’s a cave in the middle of the road. It also looks realistic because no one is walking in the painting. the waterfall in the cave also looks realistic in the picture. Great job!

  2. I really liked underworld because it looks so realistic, and the person who did it most be really talented. It would also be really hard to imagine what something like that would look like.

  3. underworld was my favorite, it looked like if you walked on that part of the road you would die. The color’s were incredible. Who ever drew that or panted that has a fortune

  4. I like the underworld picture because it looks very realistic and scary.
    Imagine that in real life

  5. My favorite one was the Underworld picture. I like this picture because I like caves and waterfalls. Even though it looks so realistic I know that it is fake and painted or drawn by chalk.

  6. I loved the Underworld Picture because for a second I actually thought that it was a hole in the ground for a second. The paint looks so beautiful with the red and orange. Awesome!

  7. My favorite picture is Underworld. I like it because of the color combination. I also like it because on all of the others, you can see the concrete barley. But on Underworld, you can’t see the concrete.

  8. I liked the underworld picture the most because it looks like it is real.I really love the color scheme.I love the effect that the chalk gives the art.

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