Blog Video Rules

I am sure that you are eager to make YouTube part of your user’s experiences on the blog. It has a lot to offer, but a TON of junk as well. Here are the guidelines for using YouTube on your blogs.

1. Idiot’s delight videos are best saved for Fun Friday Videos. If a video has no other qualities than it’s just idiotic or silly or funny, than it should not go on your blog. Email it to Mr. M to consider for Fridays. Videos that show people doing something clever, or amazing, or unique are great for your blogs. We want videos that will make people say “That is AWESOME”, not “What a moron.”

2. ALL videos on YouTube that are posted by someone other than you or a family member must be approved by Mr.M or Mrs. Fitzpatrick before posting. Email us the link.

3. Videos MADE BY YOU do not need approval before posting. This means that you are being asked to use your judgement as to what is appropriate for the blog. Your videos need to add value to the web. A video on how to build something in Minecraft is great. A 20 minute screen recording of you just clowning around on Minecraft, not so much.

4. ALL videos must have at least 75 words of text to go with them. Your thoughts on what makes it great, worth watching, things you would like them to notice, etc. :


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