Blogging Guidelines

Blogging Guidelines

You should consider the following questions BEFORE posting to your blog:

1. Does the post/page/comment add VALUE to both the blog and the web in general? See the wise Homer Simpson below for a statement that demonstrates value (or a complete lack of it).×436.jpg

This type of sharing post is best left for other social media spaces. We want every post to add real value to both your blog and the web.

2.If you are doing a passion blog, does the post/page relate to the core them of the blog? It does not have to be directly tied to your chosen affinity, but it should be reasonably close. For my painters blog, it would make no sense for me to post about a baseball game that I went to.

3. Is it something that should be, or really needs to be seen by EVERYONE? Consider your audience…it is really far reaching. Is the post/page something that everyone should know/see, or should you share in another way that allows you to be more selective (face to face, email, chat, FaceTime)?




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