Leaving Comments


We all like to get thoughtful comments on the work that has gone into our blog. Here are the guidelines for leaving thoughtful comments:

1. Your comment should include a SPECIFIC compliment about something in their blog that you like.

Consider the following posts:

This is an awesome post.

It is so cool.

I really agree.

Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now how about the following:

The work that went into your craft project is impressive. I love the colors that you chose, especially the blue and green. They contrast really well together.

The goals that you showed in your post were a great collection. I could only dream to have the skill that these players show. Really remarkable.

Notice how the second set has a specific compliment for the author, not just a generic “Great Job!”

2. Your comment should use proper grammar, including a single exclamation point if you choose to use one.

3.A single emoji can be used to emphasize something you have already said in words. Emojis are completely optional.


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